Virtual Professional Development

We offer three main categories of Professional Development: School Leadership & Process, Curriculum Development, and Instructional Strategies. Our team can support your work virtually with remote professional development in a synchronous or asynchronous format. We will work with you to create a plan consisting of single or multiple online sessions with targeted learning goals.


Package Options

1 Virtual Session



  • 1 virtual professional development session (2 hours)

3 Virtual Sessions


(value $3,550)

  • 3 virtual professional development sessions (2 hours each)
  • Additional services listed below

5 Virtual Sessions


(value $5,050)

  • 5 virtual professional development sessions (2 hours each)
  • Additional services listed below

8 Virtual Sessions


(value $7,550)

  • 8 virtual professional development sessions (2 hours each)
  • Additional services listed below
  • 1 additional hour of planning time to discuss goals and timeline for sessions with leadership

PD Services included in Virtual Package:

  • The specified number of 2-hour professional development sessions
  • 1 virtual “office hour” immediately after each session for participants to ask questions
  • 4 coaching hours (To be used within 6 months of the first session. This will be extended by 6 months with the 8 session bundle.)
  • 1 hour planning call to discuss goals and timeline for sessions with leadership
  • 1 hour consultative debrief to discuss progress with leadership

Virtual Session Topics

*We recommend limiting sessions to 40 participants per facilitator to ensure conversation, participation and direct feedback throughout the sessions.

Leadership & Process
Session # Topic Outcome
Session 1:Leadership & Process Curriculum Process Foundation and Unit Template Design
  • Review the process and purpose of curriculum mapping and unit planning.
  • Discuss how it can lead to a transparent and holistic view of the curriculum.
Session 2:Leadership & Process Unpack Goals into Actionable Steps
  • Identify the purpose for this work at a district level, department level, and personal level.
  • Explore participants’ key questions around curriculum, curriculum mapping, unit planning, and the needs of the district, departments, & students.
Session 3:Leadership & Process Finalize Your Plan: Feedback and Resources
  • Outline or develop the goals and timeline for curriculum mapping.
  • Define roles and responsibilities to guide the process for each department.
Curriculum Development
Session # Topic Outcome
Session 4:Curriculum Development Part 1: Read and Bundle Standards into Units
  • Explore strategies to prioritize and unitize standards for a course.
Session 5:Curriculum Development Part 2: Read and Bundle Standards into Units
  • Departments will explore and discuss how best to organize and use curriculum, based on the subject area and student needs.
Session 6:Curriculum Development Unpacking Standards: Content and Skills
  • Unpack standards into clear learning targets by identifying the key nouns and verbs within the standard.
  • Unpack standards in each unit.
Session 7:Curriculum Development Unpacking Standards: “I Can” statements
  • Develop concrete “I Can” statements from the content and skills.
Session 8:Curriculum Development Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions
  • Develop enduring understandings and essential questions that frame the major concepts, content, and focus of a unit.
Session 9:Curriculum Development Assessing Learning: Formative and Summative Assessments
  • Learn how to develop assessments in Atlas and explore ways to meaningfully assess understanding.
Session 10:Curriculum Development Learning Plan
  • Using Stage 1 and Stage 2 as a guide, thinking through how to create meaningful learning activities to help students achieve the learning targets in a unit.
Session 11:Curriculum Development Atlas Basics: New Teacher Orientation
  • Support new teachers as they learn to use Atlas and develop units of instruction.
  • The session will cover some Atlas basics, as well as best practices for curriculum writing.
Curriculum Review
Session # Topic Outcome
Session 12:Curriculum Review Reports in Atlas
  • Learn how to fully utilize the reporting features in Atlas to support your role.
  • Walk away with several reports saved for future use.
Session 13:Curriculum Review Review Curriculum Maps/Unit Plans
  • Review unit(s) for quality and completion.
  • Utilize reporting features in Atlas to support curriculum review.
Session 14:Curriculum Review Develop Curriculum Review Protocols and Next Steps
  • Outline a curriculum review protocol to guide curriculum review.
  • Create resources to guide the process.
Session 15:Curriculum Development & Review Adapting Units for Remote Learning
  • Review and revise units around essential learning targets and with remote learning in mind.
  • Create assessments and learning activities aligned to essential learning targets to support remote learning.
Session 16:Curriculum Review Year-End Unit Review
  • Review what was covered during remote instruction and document changes that were made for specific courses.
  • Identify essential learning targets and clarify what will need to be addressed the following year.
Session 17:Curriculum Development & Review Prepare for a New Academic Year: Course Review
  • Work in vertical teams and review curriculum changes that occurred during 2020 remote instruction.
  • Use reports to identify potential gaps in learning.
  • Determine essential targets to be covered over the following academic year to ensure students meet grade level expectations.
Early Childhood
Session # Topic Outcome
Session 18:Early Childhood Early Childhood: Template
  • Determine necessary elements to include in a written curriculum.
  • Develop, modify or update unit templates to reflect the unique program structure of a school.
Session 19:Early Childhood Early Childhood: Unit Development
  • Based on school’s template, explore the variety of ways to organize content/thematic information.
  • Discuss ways to include and/or document non-thematic elements in a unit planner.
Session 20:Early Childhood Early Childhood: Phonological Awareness
  • Break down the stages of development to understand the subtle differences between phonological and phonemic awareness.
English Language Development
Session # Topic Outcome
Session 21:English Language Development Develop a Unit Template to Support Language Acquisition
  • Review current language supports in the curriculum.
  • Create or modify unit templates to support language acquisition and provide clear expectations for teachers.
Session 22:English Language Development Unit Planning to Support Language Acquisition
  • Align units with content & language standards and provide language goals for multiple English proficiency levels.
  • Create or update a unit to guide students’ language acquisition.
Session 23:English Language Development Scaffolding Instruction
  • Explore techniques and strategies for scaffolding language and content at various levels.
  • Create or update units & lessons with intentional content and language scaffolds.
Differentiated Instruction
Session # Topic Outcome
Session 24:Differentiated Instruction Planning for Differentiation
  • Review key elements of differentiated instruction.
  • Explore differentiated instruction strategies and add specific strategies to current units.

Sample Virtual Packages

Here are a few examples of how schools have created their own packages based on their goals

Curriculum Writing

(3 Topics)

  • Read & Bundle Standards into Units (Session 4)
  • Unpacking Standards: Content and Skills (Session 6)
  • Develop Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions for Unit Plans (Session 8)

Curriculum Writing: Preparing for the Academic Year in Response to COVID-19

(3 Topics)

  • Year-End Unit Review (Session 16)
  • Prepare for a New Academic Year: Course Review (Session 17)
  • Adapt Units for Remote Learning (Session 15)

Leadership and Process

(3 Topics)

  • Curriculum Process Foundation and Unit Template Design (Session 1)
  • Unpack Goals into Actionable Steps (Session 2)
  • Finalize Your Plan: Feedback and Resources (Session 3)

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