"Enhancing Efficiency in Education Globally"

for over 10,000 schools and 3 million students

What’s in a name?

Faria is named in honour of Abbe Faria in Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo, who provides Dantes with an interdisciplinary education and instills in him a spirit of resourcefulness.


Faria was founded in 2006 to transition schools off paper onto a curriculum-focused learning platform. Today, Faria provides a suite of 3 services to over 10,000 schools and 3,000,000 students with a global team of 150 in 8 offices.


Faria Education Group was reorganized on Aug 1, 2016 to reflect our future focus as an international education service & systems company. FEG is an operating subsidiary of Faria Frontiers Ltd.


Adapted from Softbank Masayoshi Son’s Success Factors

A: Passion We must love the business and wake up excited every day to go to work. We must believe that the passion will be there in 10-20 years.

B: Blue Ocean Wave There must be a ten-year tail wind of secular compound growth within the market and strong rational reasons supporting the market growth i.e. not growth resulting from short-term government policy or market distortions, but from healthy and sustainable development with sound logic & customer success.

C: Global Scale Leader Within ten years, there must be the potential for the company to be a global scale market leader.

D: Build & Stack There must be a natural opportunity to grow through building extensions from the core product i.e. the first product must function as the root of the tree with branches developing over time.

E: Staircase The business should have strong recurring revenue with minimal churn. It should not be possible to fall backwards over time even if growth slows, the past progress should serve as a floor.

F: Sustainable Competitive Advantage There should be a competitive advantage in the business that will increase over time e.g. limited competition, network effects, cost scale advantages, etc.

CEO’s Welcome !

Welcome to Faria! This October 2017, Faria celebrates its 10th year of service to the world’s leading international schools.

In the beginning, our ambition was limited to winning fifty schools – a small start for Eduvo, our portmanteau for “education revolution”. The prospect of winning 500 schools seemed beyond the limits of our imagination – yet within four short years, we crossed 1,000 schools.

Our initial belief that learning platforms would become an integral part of daily life in international schools was proven correct.

During our early years, we conducted lightning R&D, rapidly building out features and expanding the ManageBac feature-set from the IB Diploma to serve the full K-12 IB Continuum with Reporting and Attendance.

In parallel, we built a global company and team setting new standards with several “Service Firsts”:

  1. Changing the practice of convoluted pricing & quotes set by our competitors, in favour of transparent haggle-free pricing
  2. Providing 24-hour telephone & email support with a fast-response visits and complementary training
  3. Crossing below 1.5% annualised churn reflecting our strong service culture and customer success

Today, Faria is building on its Systems advantage into Content, Study, University and Summer education services to support the international student lifecycle from secondary through to university transition.

The quote by Malcom X defines our strategy, we build and invest for a better tomorrow on this basis:

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

We invite you to learn more about our Vision for International Education to see the future through our eyes.


Theodore King